Alarm System Basics and General Operation

Does the security system work if the power goes out?

Yes. When there’s a power outage, there is a backup battery in the alarm control panel that supplies electricity until power is restored. If there is no power for more than 4 hours, your battery may need to be replaced. We recommend all batteries be replaced every 5 years for residences, 4 years for commercial locations.

What is my password used for?

Your password is used by the Central Monitoring Station to verify that you are the owner or authorized user. We will also ask you for your password before providing information to you or remotely making changes to your system.

Is a telephone line required to run my system?

Not always. Most alarm systems are still controlled by land lines. Because cell service is not always reliable or consistent in the North Country, we recommend keeping land lines in place. We are, however, increasingly connecting alarm systems to cell lines as primary or back up methods of communication. Please call our office for more information.

Can I control my alarm system remotely?

Yes. You can now control your alarm, video, temperature, lighting and locking devices remotely. Please call us for more information.

Can I monitor my alarm data from a computer or smart phone?

Yes. You can monitor AND control your alarm from a mobile device or computer. Please call for more information.

Is the fire alarm always on even if I don’t turn on the burglar alarm?

Yes, For residential burglary systems.


Will changing phone companies affect my alarm?

It may. Phone service is changing rapidly, both in companies offering the service and in the reliability of that service. Please call for updated information for this area.

Why can’t I arm my system?

The most common reason for arming difficulty is because there is a door or window open. Read the display on the keypad and it will identify which zone is faulted. Secure that zone, then try again. If you are still having trouble, you can hit reset and proceed to arm. The system will arm even with a fault detected.